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Study into VSDT vs an abbreviated EMDR protocol vs a non-active control condition

Replicatory Bayesian analyses supported hypotheses in which VSDT was superior to the control condition and the EMDR condition in reducing emotionality, both directly after the intervention and at one week follow-up. However, at four-week follow-up, VSDT proved equal to EMDR while both treatments were superior to the control condition.

We also analysed specific potential working mechanisms of VSDT, but further analyses specifying differences between different potential mechanisms detected no differences, so it remains unclear how VSDT yields its positive effects.

Because VSDT appears to be unique and effective in decreasing emotionality of aversive memories, replication of the results in clinical samples is needed. And this is what we are doing: At the Altrecht Academic Anxiety Centre we are conducting a trial on with PTSD patients. Feel free to inform at t.brouwers@altrecht.nl (only for Dutch patients).