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CME-course Bethany Brand

CME-course Bethany Brand 17-05-2018

Wist u dat u ook een losse CME-course kunt volgen? Een perfecte oplossing als u niet in de gelegenheid bent om drie dagen naar het ifp-wereldcongres te komen maar de sessie van bijvoorbeeld Bethany Brand niet wilt missen! U vindt hier het overzicht van CME-courses. Deze masterclasses kosten los slechts 190 euro en zijn op donderdag 7 juni in de Beurs van Berlage. Let op: de CME-course van Alessandra Lemma is op zaterdag.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders: The TOP DD Studies- Bethany Brand
    Severe dissociative symptoms are common among individuals who experienced complex trauma, particularly developmental trauma. Yet few clinicians have been trained to assess and treat severe dissociation.  Patients with dissociative disorders typically struggle with myriad co-morbid disorders and symptoms including chronic self-destructive and suicidal behavior.  To date, there has been insufficient research about the treatment of dissociative disorders in part due to the difficulties of creating a standardized treatment that can benefit these chronically ill and high risk patients.  Expert consensus guidelines have recommended a primarily psychodynamic treatment that includes a variety of interventions to help stabilize these challenging patients.  The presenter is the primary investigator of the first online, psychoeducational program aimed at helping dissociative patients and their therapists stabilize patients’ safety, emotion regulation, and quality of life - the Treatment of Patients with Dissociative Disorders (TOP DD) Network program.  Dr. Brand will briefly present information about the diagnosis of severe dissociation and dissociative disorders. She will then provide an overview of the TOP DD Network program’s methodology and findings. Results thus far show promising decreases in symptoms, improved affect regulation, quality of life, and self-compassion, and greater knowledge and use of symptom management skills.  Both therapists and patients report it is a useful adjunctive program that supports individual psychotherapy. The TOP DD Network program shows promise as a potentially cost-effective, easily accessible method of improving DD patients’ safety, emotion regulation, and quality of life, while also providing basic training to therapists about treating DD patients.

Bethany Brand, Ph.D. is the Martha A. Mitten Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Clinical Focus program at Towson University near Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Dr. Brand specializes in the assessment and treatment of trauma related disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociative disorders (DDs).  She has over 25 years of clinical and research experience, including training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, and at Sheppard Pratt Health System’s Trauma Disorders program.  Dr. Brand has been honored with numerous research, teaching and clinical awards and served on several national task forces that developed guidelines for the assessment and treatment of trauma-related disorders. Dr. Brand is the Principal Investigator on a series of international treatment studies of patients with dissociative disorders (the TOP DD studies).  Dr. Brand is also the Principal Investigator on a series of studies that are developing methods for distinguishing DDs from other conditions including malingered DDs. She has delivered clinical and research presentations around the world. In addition to assessing and treating patients, Dr. Brand serves as a forensic expert.


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